Stelton Cooling

Stelton great in test

The iconic EM vacuum jug recently celebrated its 35 year birthday and has been sold in the millions worldwide since its launch. Consumers choose it for its beautiful design and functionality. Many choose the easy pour opening which allows you to easily serve several cups after each other, others choose the traditional screw top.


We have tested how well the EM77 vacuum jug keeps the liquid warm with the screw top solution (which is most comparable with other vacuum jugs in the market). We are proud to announce that even after 5 hours, the temperature is above 80 degrees which is very hot and far above recommended drinking temperature. Normally, one says that coffee and other hot beverages should be served at around 68 degrees. But for some, even this is too hot to drink.


Please, see the result to the left. The temperature is shown vertical and the hours horizontal. The red hatch area shows the recommended serving temperature.


Thanks again for choosing the EM77 vacuum jug. Enjoy your designer coffee break but please, don’t burn yourself.